10 Essential IT Certifications for 2024

This 38-hour, $145 five-course learning track from LearnPython gives you hands-on practice with code editing software and more than 100 exercises based on real-life scenarios. After completing the course, you’ll get a shareable LinkedIn certification. Paid courses can provide comprehensive content, detailed explanations, and a structured learning experience—and in them, you might gain a deeper understanding of Python concepts and practical applications.

best it training courses

Managers need to have a deep knowledge of their particular industry, which means having some level of business expertise. Get ready to take your exams with the help of this expert-led instruction. You’ll also learn to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations with hands-on labs and real-world scenarios and develop the skills necessary to thrive in natural IT environments. This year’s update provides, best courses for the first time, a fully open access model that can be used to explore abatement options for oil and gas operations. Each course is led by certified instructor Mohamed Atef, a senior penetration testing specialist and ICT consultant with more than 20 years of teaching experience. His instruction is rated at 4.3 out of 5 stars for helping students advance their careers or secure their own security systems.

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This includes CompTIA, Cisco, AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Linux certification path training. Get an in-depth, comprehensive online education to help you pass the exams you need to elevate your career. You’ll get five courses totaling 180 hours of premium learning content — and lifetime access is just £39.57 for a limited time.

best it training courses

Is a new learning experience that delivers tech training to match your specific goals. When you join for free, you’ll have access to a library of free resources, like podcasts, videos, tutorials, and more. The DevNet Automation certification hones both your software development knowledge and your networking expertise, making you an asset in a wide range of IT roles. The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Certification Training course provides a comprehensive overview of the Scrum framework for agile project management and prepares you to become a certified Scrum Master.

Cybersecurity for Everyone

Those planning to attend a degree program can utilize ACE®️ recommendations, the industry standard for translating workplace learning to college credit. Learners can earn a recommendation of 15 college credits for completing the IT Support or IT Automation with Python Certificates, the equivalent of 5 college courses at a bachelor’s degree level. This aims to help open up additional pathways to learners who are interested in higher education, and prepare them for entry-level jobs. The prerequisites for the IT Automation with Python Certificate include familiarity with basic IT concepts and operating systems, files, and processes; and networking and data management. The program builds on your IT foundations to help you take your career to the next level. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate aligns with the objectives covered in the CompTIA A+ certification.

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification is one of the more prominent credentials in the security realm, along with CISSP. It’s a general business security certification, meaning it demonstrates proficiency in security best practices beyond just IT. Because of that, pros who earn this cert should expect to meet face-to-face with stakeholders in various roles from multiple lines of business and work to build a holistic security strategy for their organizations. Cloud infrastructure comes with unique security concerns, and AWS wants to ensure that Security Architects know the ins and outs of its platform. To that end, the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification combines elements of cloud computing and security best practices. If you’re ready for a new career in IT but prefer a more traditional learning environment, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our guide to the best IT certifications.

University of Massachusetts’s Information Technology Certification

If you want to work as an applications developer, you’ll need qualifications that demonstrate your ability to code. Employers look for at least an HND (Higher National Diploma), foundation degree or a degree in IT, computer science or a related subject. As well as being fundamental to how we live, work and play, Computing and IT is a rapidly growing employment sector. Our dynamic teaching and leading-edge research will help you whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills and understanding or advance your career. Learn how CTE programs play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between secondary and post-secondary education.

  • We decided to build an IT training program on Coursera, created entirely by Googlers who are expert in IT support so this training could be available to everyone.
  • However, some prior programming experience is helpful for this class—but you do not need to be an expert.
  • You might also want to find a mentor or business coach to guide you on competency gaps and how to refine them.
  • This free, 16-minute short course from Microsoft will teach you how to write a couple of lines of Python code, declare variables, and work with console input and output.
  • To make the selection process a little easier, here is a sampling of what Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online bootcamp, offers for the highly motivated individual.

Our students have previously worked with organisations such as the Blue Cross, West Midlands Safari Park, Guide Dogs for the Blind and BSAVA. You’ll also have the opportunity to undertake an independent research project focussed on canine science. This will enable you to delve deeper into an area you care about and contribute to research that’s making a positive difference to the lives of animals. He says you can use Google’s Colaboratory, an online code editor, to access some resources and manipulate the syntax yourself. This is the course Google has its employees take to introduce them to Python concepts.

Besides, they can effectively communicate Azure architectural designs to key stakeholders. Earning the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect designation demonstrates expertise in cloud solutions architecture and provides a valuable credential for career advancement. This AI ML Course will make you an expert in machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence.

Online information technology degrees and courses can prime you to pursue an information technology degree. Undergraduate program areas of study such as information systems, computer science, software or computer engineering, or cybersecurity can be useful to those working toward jobs in information technology. Master’s degrees in areas of study such as information technology management or business administration may help professionals advance their IT careers and obtain roles in information technology management.

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