How Remote Workers Can Recognize Burnout And 6 Actions To Take

As remote work becomes more common across the globe, some companies, including Colombia and the Netherlands, have passed laws to protect remote workers and protect workers’ rights to remote work. Even as some employers demand that workers return to the office, many companies will continue embracing remote work, remote hiring, and the hybrid-remote work model. With an average cost savings of $11,000 per worker, remote work is benefiting companies as well. Yet not all companies are implementing strategies to keep workers from burning out. Some employers want to have their cake and eat it too, meaning they want to enjoy the employer savings of remote work without developing solutions to save workers from burnout. The lack of separation between home and office is disproportionately affecting parents and caregivers, who miss the solid line of demarcation they previously established.

  • The research results drawn from the inspected sources clarify that the COVID-19 remote work environment (Milch et al., 2021; Shipman et al., 2021; Van Zoonen et al., 2021) shaped the work–life balance and organizational commitment.
  • Remote work was feared by many employers due to the type of distractions that could arise.
  • One solution for these issues is to switch the focus of remote work to measuring deliverables instead of just tracking the number of work hours they put in.
  • While COVID-19 has now become more manageable, thanks to vaccines, we are still dealing with the stress of the after-effects of the pandemic.
  • Take some time off and do as little as possible – this means enduring a messy house or enlisting partners or family members to take on more chores while you recover.
  • It’s important to prioritize self-care and take steps to prevent burnout before it becomes a more serious problem.

These people have used their extra income to pay off mortgages, save for an early retirement, and take lavish vacations. While some bosses may be fine with employees taking on extra work, being caught doing so without company approval could be a fireable offense. During remote work fatigue working hours, some experts recommend taking stretch breaks from sitting and eye breaks from screens at least every 50 minutes. By taking care of themselves, remote workers can stay energized and focused, which can lead to sustainable productivity and success.

Why does remote work exacerbate burnout?

Earlier this month the provincial government announced $237.6 million for new nurse-to-patient ratios across B.C.’s hospitals to better manage workloads and alleviate patient care. The Health Ministry launched signing bonuses of up to $30,000 in certain remote and rural communities, requiring a two-year commitment in return. Last August, George decided he wanted to try to work a second remote job — and not tell his employers he was job juggling.

By working together and keeping the lines of communication many of these issues and be reduced or solved. Employees may feel overwhelmed by their work and forget to take time off or disconnect from their computer at the end of the day. It’s no surprise then that 48% of workers say they lack emotional support at work to help them manage this daunting task.


Workplace social support is needed for technology-mediated remote work to improve professional engagement and the psychological wellbeing of employees. Low work morale and engagement resulted in a decrease in employee psychological health and efficacy. Working from home led to a feeling of being undervalued and not being trusted enough to undertake specific tasks among employees.

Work will still be there when you return to it after a period of rest, but remember — you are a finite resource. Saying no is hard to do, especially at work, but setting boundaries is essential. For example, you might choose to say no to a new project if you’re already overburdened with work. It might even be as simple as having hard boundaries around the time you spend working. This is not always an easy thing to do, especially if you’re mid-project, but you do need that time to rest and recuperate before going back to work the next day. You should also plan to talk to discuss the problem with someone you trust.

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